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Social media marketing can seem overwhelming.

There's a growing array of social media out there, and it can be difficult deciding which is best to pursue. Twitter, Linked-In, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest. It's impossible for one person to do them all.

So often the best solution is to pick one and do it well. For many authors, Facebook provides a ready means for getting the word out. What is not commonly known is that Facebook has a wide selection of advertising tools behind the scenes, and an effective ad campaign can be done for a relatively small monthly investment.

The three Cs of social media success.


As with all marketing, results in any of the social media venues depend on three Cs: Commitment, Consistency and Creativity.  Running ads for three weeks on Facebook will not deliver results. Participating on Linked-In forums for six weeks doesn't cut it. Putting out dull messages without images will guarantee failure.

You'll need a strategy. So consider this: make a long-term commitment to your campaign; spend the effort to make sure your campaign carries a consistent message; embrace the importance of images and creative visual impact; and measure your results.



Successful social media marketing calls for you to follow a strategy to consistently bring something fresh to the table, something that will interest your audience.


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