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What my clients are saying.

I made the decision to self publish my book, Saving Sarkis, because I was adrift in the ‘Sea of a Thousand Options’. How wonderful it was to discover and latch on to Kristin Lindstrom at Flying Pig Media. Kristin gave me every answer I needed, and she patiently explained each process we went through. She was efficient, clever, tuned-in and sophisticated in her evaluation of my work. 

I loved Kristin’s capability so much that I gave her full rein to create my book cover, and my website. She was my teacher to some extent in this crazy world of publishing. I couldn’t have done it myself…. I’m very happy with the finished product, from the book, the website, the ebooks and Amazon account… I highly recommend Kristin’s work to anyone who would like to self publish.


                                                                    Mary Guleserian, Saving Sarkis

I was looking for someone to edit my work and I remembered one of my special rejection letters from a literary agent, who advised me on shady deals designed to catch would-be authors such as myself. So I reopened a conversation with Kristin Lindstrom at Flying Pig Media. It turned into a wonderful personal friendship and my third book is about to hit the shelves.

Kristin is very special to me and her circle of talented friends make the editing and publishing process an amazing experience. My idiosyncratic grammar elicits polite rejection accompanied by backup research from the Chicago Manual of Style. Nothing gets by Kristin's eagle eye.

                                                                    Guy Butler, The Spider Trilogy



Kristin did an excellent job of editing my novel, Come Fly with Me. She also handled the cover design, which I absolutely love. She is very easy to work with. She really knows the publishing business! I highly recommend her if you are considering self-publishing your work.

                                                                    Judith Whitmore, Come Fly with Me



As a first time author who is winding his way through the confusing self-publishing maze, I would like to thank you. You have guided me in the difficult tasks of creating a dynamite cover and a unique interior format for our book. You relieved us of the challenges of contracting with various publishers and completing all necessary downloads. The ebook and paperback versions look better than I envisioned. We are very proud of the finished product. . . .
You were efficient, professional, knowledgeable, and affordable, too!                         

                                                                    Robert Wheeler, Amelia Earhart Betrayed



Wise travelers know that every venture into unknown territories is made that much better by an experienced guide; that person whose training and experience helps you maximise the adventure while avoiding the dodgy hotels, bad food, and specious retailers. Kristin Lindstrom is just such a trailblazer. Clear, concise, and a consummate professional, her counsel was invaluable in bringing my novel, The Rameses Pact, to fruition. Kristin’s skillful editing of the manuscript resulted in a taut, well-crafted telling of this thriller.                              

                                                                    Sean Mee, The Rameses Pact



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