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Writers of all types

need editors.

Some will tell you otherwise, but whether you're writing fiction or nonfiction for publication, chances are you need an impartial editor.

At Flying Pig Media, I perform three types of editing. The first, manuscript evaluation, calls for a single read-through of a manuscript. I then provide comments on its condition and general advice on how it can be improved.

If a manuscript is in fairly good condition in terms of structure, and for novels, characterization and plot, a copy edit is in order.  The intent of a copy edit is to check spelling, grammar, punctuation, style, accuracy and consistency.

A developmental edit is more complex and in-depth than a copy edit. Such an edit may call for restructuring of the manuscript to improve the general flow and pacing.

In a novel, a developmental edit can strengthen plot points and organization, as well as reveal continuity problems, as may be found with characterization, scene setting, and plotting.

The writer/editor relationship can be an intimate collaboration. My goal is always to bring your thoughts and words forward to their best advantage.



What's the best approach for

your manuscript?
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