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Make your website work for you.

Remember way back in the 1990s? Website design was handled by geeks and websites were generally as stiff and stodgy as a law firm brochure.

Today, the bar has been raised.  Websites have a lot more competition out there and there are new standards for both how they look and perform.

Websites now need to be visually pleasing yet uncluttered,  flexible with easy navigation. Original content that speaks to your audience is critical, and at its best that content should be kept current and fresh. The best websites are interactive, engaging users with timely information of value to them.

Here are three examples from Flying Pig Media, the first for writer Deborah Gaal, The second, for another author, Mary Guleserian,, uses a simple but bold design. I designed the third for Guy Butler, Like these, your website can work in concert with campaigns conducted  through social media or pay-per-click advertising, for example, to create opportunities to engage your audience.

Search Engine Optimization is among the technical tasks that, correctly done, will increase your chances of success by getting more people to your website. Also needed is keyword research, a listing in the XML Sitemap, a blueprint of your site designed for search engines, and strong webpage descriptions.


Don't put your website up online and forget about it. Use it with social media marketing to engage readers and build a marketing base.


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